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Why Businesses Succeed in Coworking Spaces

Why Businesses Succeed in Coworking Spaces

To the surprise of many, coworking-space based businesses achieved an average success level of 6 on a 7-point scale, a score that is relatively higher than what employees in traditional offices can get. But what makes coworking spaces that successful? To make a long story short, two key reasons are behind their effectiveness.


Innovative and diversified environment. A total of 661 people from 24 countries were surveyed by by Deskmag who assert that innovation and diversification help boost businesses further. Coworking spaces attract people of diversified backgrounds and industries creating the best smorgasbord of talent. The interaction and sharing of perceptions in such environment promote participants’ inspiration and contribute positively to the development of their business.


Such spaces were initially dedicated to those starting up and aiming at growing up. However, this has changed in the last few months with a new trend where employees of even big corporations and MNCs have also joined. Andy Smith from The Yard, a coworking space in New York City, has declared that the occupied spaces are evenly distributed among small, medium and big companies alike.


Does not break your bank. Despite the fact that coworking spaces provide amenities and services that are comparable to traditional offices, prices are relatively low. Based on the findings of Deskwanted portal survey, the average cost of permanent desk in Europe is €245. However, there are even cheaper options in other categories like the “flexible desk” which is as low as €189 as an average. Various low pricing tags make it as well possible to embrace students and to-be entrepreneurs who are in their idea or starting phases.

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