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What is Starters Valley ?


Starters Valley, a project set up by volunteer organization Smile To The Future, aims to provide co-working spaces, events, and trainings for social entrepreneurs and volunteer organizations in Maastricht. This project enables us to contribute to the economic hub of Maastricht and its presence in the region. Starters Valley provides aspiring and existing Starters with the opportunity to build a network, share ideas, and develop their organizations. A unique combination of an all inclusive package which allows entrepreneurs to develop their business from A to Z in an affordable and easily accessible manner. Starters Valley wishes to attract individuals who have a desire to thrive and develop themselves and their businesses but lack the ability to do so.

These individuals will be provided a platform to become important stakeholders within the communities we operate in. This allows Starters Valley to become a factory of excellence with a diverse set of specific skills. Together with its partners and sponsors, Starters Valley wishes to play an active role in this process by providing profound guidance and linkages in communication. We are well aware that this project can only be a success with cooperation of local and regional partners and sponsors. As a result, supporting Starters Valley will help local stakeholders to tackle issues in their communities while at the same time increase the overall well being of the members in our society.

In order to carry out this co-working+ Starters Valley project, we have assembled a strong team. Additionally, we will collaborate with 40 key partners who would be in charge of some of our key offerings, such as trainings, coaching, consulting and support. To realize the project, an investment of 200,000 euros is needed. There are  three phases, with estimated break even point in one year period of time. The project has to be self-sustainable by generating enough revenues to cover all the costs, and expand to other Euregio cities.


Limburg ranks number 13th in the world by GDP. It was the first place that industrialized in the Netherlands which makes this region one of the top 10 leaders of technology today and attracts investors all over the world. Maastricht is located in the middle of the Euregio and the “bleu banana zone” which makes this city a crossing point of huge international traffic. Let’s not forget Brussels which plays an increasingly more important role in Europe. However, things are changing rapidly. This can be felt in our daily life socially and economically. The future is uncertain for many individuals and organisations. Since 2009, many people chose to start independent which result in 800 STARTUPS PER YEAR in Maastricht alone! Maastricht ranks second in The Netherlands with the most startups. It is obvious that by providing only a space, it won’t have a direct impact. The key is an all inclusive package where workshops, personal coaching, networking possibilities and all office facilities are provided. This is crucial to maintain its position in a sustainable way.


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