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Entrepreneur of the Week-Joris Hilterman

Joris is a young freelance photographer who has enthusiasm with photography and people. Joris was born and raised in Maastricht. The encounter of him and Starters Valley started in September, 2016. Joris is one of our members and has been contributing to the growth of the community.

With his passion to photography, Joris’ business started two years ago. Being an entrepreneur wasn’t Joris’s intention at the beginning. But after searching for what he wants to be for a while, he finds his future path. For supporting his business, Joris sometimes takes customized part-time gigs as well. But just like every artist, Joris has his own persistence to the art of photography. However, he realized that his business can’t prolong solely with passion.

Joining to the community doesn’t only make Joris meet other lone entrepreneurs who usually work without any supports, but also motivate him to build his business plan and be more concentrate.

Starting a business is a lonely journey. You sometimes need suggestions and spiritual supports. Joris is glad that he works with a group of people having alike mindset.

Joris wants to give social impacts through his photos. He has made some portraits at Leger des Heils. He wants to make portraits for different people and make people reflect what they think about the relation of people’s appearance and the actual human beings. He hopes people can be more fair and understand each other without prejudice. See more Joris works at Also check out his photo shooting video.

Interested to meet Joris in person and talk about photographic techniques? Come to Starters Valley and join us!

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