What is Starters Valley ?

STARTERS VALLEY: “”A FACTORY OF EXCELLENCE “” Starters Valley, a project set up by volunteer organization Smile To The Future, aims to provide co-working spaces, events, and trainings for social entrepreneurs and volunteer organizations in Maastricht. This project enables us to contribute to the economic hub of Maastricht and its presence in the region. Starters Valley […]

Why Starters Valley ?

Starters Valley Starters Valley is a project of Smile to the Future. The project provides an all-inclusive co-working, training and events platform for various ages, social and professional groups in the Maastricht region. This should allow start-ups to develop not only themselves, but also to realize their entrepreneurial ideas, existing companies or voluntary organizations to […]

The World Is Heading Towards Corworking Spaces. What About You?

The World Is Heading Towards Corworking Spaces. What About You?   With the movement from Gen X to Gen Y, or sometimes called “the Millennials”, more opportunities and diverse perceptions have been created. For the last few years, a global trend came up, paving the road for the new generation and facilitating their behavior. There […]

Why Businesses Succeed in Coworking Spaces

Why Businesses Succeed in Coworking Spaces To the surprise of many, coworking-space based businesses achieved an average success level of 6 on a 7-point scale, a score that is relatively higher than what employees in traditional offices can get. But what makes coworking spaces that successful? To make a long story short, two key reasons […]