Bistro vendor wanted!

Bakers, food and juice makers wanted!
We are expanding!

Do you already have your own catering company, food business or do you want to start?
Do you make amazing breads, sandwiches, cakes, fruit/muesli bowls?
Can you provide a variety of breakfast and lunch options for locals and internationals?
Do you work with fresh and local products?
Are you living in or around Maastricht?
Do you want to have 500 international students living above your bistro area?
Do you want to be surrounded by 20+ companies with in total 500 clients and staff visiting every working day?
Do you want to be part of the only food facility in the whole campus?
And, do you want to start ASAP?!

Than send a message to contact@startersvalley.com claiming your spot!

We are located in the Annadal Campus at Brouwersweg 100, 6216EG Maastricht.

The campus receives daily up to 1000 visitors. These visitors vary from international students who live there, clients who visit the (mostly) health related companies, clients of other companies plus all the staff.
Currently there is no food business at all in the whole Campus. So, you have a great position!

You will be sharing the Bistro space with one other vendor, off course you will meet each other to discuss how to complement each other. There is a big variety of customers, so we want to offer a big variety of food. No need to worry about competition. The other vendor will do lunch and dinner, so you have breakfast for your own and you share lunch time.

Other info:
– The space is located at the entrance of the Annadal Complex.
– The Annadal Complex receives around 1000 visitors per day
– Their is no other food facility in the whole campus
– The bistro space is around 40m2.
– The space is ready to use. (electricity points, water outlet’s etc. are installed)
– The necessary permit to sell food and beverages to the visitors is there.
– The investments of materials and equipment will be shared with the other vendor. Contact us for more information.
– You will start with a 12 month contract.
– The price is € 800,00 per month including service costs (excl. TAX)
– You pay a deposit of 2 months.
– We will start working on installing and decorating from the 1st of June, so preferably we are looking for someone that can join ASAP and is open ready to open for business before the 1st of July. That’s soon, we know and we are open to see how we can get it done!

Send a message to: contact@startersvalley.com or give a call to +31649151478 to receive more information.

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