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5 Benefits of working in an office environment

5 Benefits of working in an office environment


The Starters Valley project offers entrepreneurs the opportunity of having either their own office or shared co-working space in a prime city centre location on the Vrijtof. But why do I require an office when I can easily and freely work from home? Below are just five of the most important reasons entrepreneurs should consider an office space.

  1. Collaboration and Shared Ideas

Working in an office brings you into regular contact with colleagues. At Starters Valley contact with fellow entrepreneurs could easily generate new and exciting ideas, creative solutions to problems and shared experiences for mutual benefit. Opportunities for collaboration and advice are also far more likely, as people are more inclined to answer a question in person than by email or telephone.

  1. Higher Motivation

Unless you are that special type of person that finds it easy to self-motivate when alone, working in an office makes it far easier to motivate yourself, especially when you are surrounded by other hard working people. Just the presence of others can really help you to focus, push you to succeed and create a more positive working environment. Running a start-up business can be difficult, but being surrounded by others in a similar situation can help to make things easier.

  1. Fewer Distractions

Working from home or working alone may sound great to many people, but few can deny that such environments can be distracting. Whether it is your partner, children, pets, TV or even music it is easy to reduce your work productivity through unnecessary distractions. Working in an office provides you with space to concentrate and escape those daily distractions.

  1. Separation of Work and Home Life

Although finding a break from work can be difficult for an entrepreneur, a clearly defined workspace separate from home can certainly help you find that work life balance. Starters Valley also provides entrepreneurs with a social space and many opportunities, such as workshops, which help define and vary the workspace.

  1. Building a Routine

Having to be somewhere away from home every morning certainly helps to build discipline and create a daily routine. Discipline is crucial to be a successful entrepreneur, as you are often only accountable to yourself and have to decide your own routine. Working in an office makes it a lot easier plan your hours and also provides a space to meet up with clients or colleagues instead of having to travel regularly.  

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