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Meeting & Event Spaces

Need a spot for your next event?

We have a few closed & open spaces for you.

Office Spaces

Rent a large 27 m2 office!
Office is for use by 1 to 2 people, with more possible.

Co-working Spaces

Come enjoy co-working with us!

We have both fulltime & flex desks available.


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Rent an office. Start co-working. Reserve your study spot.

Get a taste of working, co-working, studying here.

What else we provide?

The People of Starters Valley

We are a community of entrepreneurs. So, when you join our space, you spend 10% of your time helping and getting help from fellow entrepreneurs.

Photo studio

Want to rent a fully equipped photo studio in Maastricht for your next shoot? We’re working on it so it’s coming soon!

Coaching & Advice

Anytime you need advice with your startup, organization, or studies, we can link you to professionals in your fields.


No coffee, no work! There is a coffee machine you can use for a small donation.

Company registration

You as a fellow Starters Valley member can officially register your organization at our address and receive your mail here.

Beamer | Projector

Regardless of your affiliation with Starters Valley, you can get in touch with us to rent one of our beamers whenever you need it!





About us

Our aim is to enhance organisations, starters and companies, that want to have a bigger social impact, to become more self reliant through sharing knowledge, network and experience. By working in an active community, where learning from others and contributing to the learning of others, individuals can reach their personal goals faster. Also, be challenged and encouraged to be more creative and efficient. This leads to more innovation. If the community is built on individuals who combine their strengths, together you can have a bigger impact on your personal life, on your close environment and on the environment that would otherwise be further to reach.
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Office Spaces
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“Think About What Suits You and Where You Want to Go. Be Patient! And Believe in Yourself!”

Entrepreneur of the Week-Joris Hilterman Joris is a young freelance photographer who has enthusiasm with photography and people. Joris was born and raised in Maastricht. The encounter of him and Starters Valley started in September, 2016. Joris is one of our members and has been contributing to the growth of the community. With his passion […]

Bistro vendor wanted!

Bakers, food and juice makers wanted! We are expanding! Do you already have your own catering company, food business or do you want to start? Do you make amazing breads, sandwiches, cakes, fruit/muesli bowls? Can you provide a variety of breakfast and lunch options for locals and internationals? Do you work with fresh and local […]

What is Starters Valley ?

STARTERS VALLEY: “”A FACTORY OF EXCELLENCE “” Starters Valley, a project set up by volunteer organization Smile To The Future, aims to provide co-working spaces, events, and trainings for social entrepreneurs and volunteer organizations in Maastricht. This project enables us to contribute to the economic hub of Maastricht and its presence in the region. Starters Valley […]

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